Mold Making Comparison

We will help you decide what the right Metal Mold for your project is. The table below provides some key decision criteria.  

3D Print Aluminum Mold Steel Mold
Volume Sample Low to Medium 100 to 100,000 Medium to High 10,000 to 1,000,000 plus
Product Maturity Developing Prototype, Early model with potential future changes Proven product
Lifetime of Product Very short develoment purposes One to three years Multiple years
Cavities N/A Usually one to two Multiple 4,8,12 plus
Quality and precision Low High Very high
Best and final material choice Not always Yes Yes
Investment Cost Low Medium High
Piece part cost High Low Best

Don’t know your project needs?

Request a Quote to get help with material selection and every other part of the manufacturing process. We at Vamco believe in partnering with our customers not just selling to them. We work with our customers, guiding them through the process until they get the products they need.