Mold Making 

VAMCO provides our partners with a range of investment alternatives. Our state-of-the-art Mold Making operation allows us to produce quality Aluminum and Steel Molds.  Advancements in Aluminum alloys have expanded our ability to provide Aluminum Molds that can meet medium to high volumes for some parts.

How does it work?


Mold design and manufacturing is critical to the quality of the injection molded part.  The part appearance, strength, size, shape and cost are all dependent on the quality of the produced mold.  As we create your mold we will consider many crucial factors such as gate location and thickness, flow, shrinkage, cooling and venting.


Key decisions that will be made by our Engineering team include

  • Correct design and proper selection of material to withstand the high pressures involved

  • Properly designed  flow paths to ensure smooth fill of the complete part

  • Proper venting of the air ahead of the mold fill

  • Well designed heat transfer to control the cooling and solidification of the parts

  • Easy and uniform ejection of the molded parts.

Benefits of Mold Making

The major advantages of injection molding are the ability to scale production and produce highly repeatable parts. Great parts do require investment but after an initial investment in the mold the price per unit during injection molded manufacturing is extremely low.   

When making an investment in a mold, work with VAMCO to get the highest quality mold for your product.

Mold Making Comparison

View our Mold Making guide or request a quote for further information on the different materials we have available for mold making!


Mold Making Comparison

Choose from a wide variety of different Mold Materials.